"On and beyond the Campanile", the conference on waste management organized by Legambiente Verde Città, held on Wednesday, May 17, in the conference room of the church of S. Domenico in Putignano.

The meeting is the result of the strong determination of Local Legambiente to discuss with citizenship about waste management and composting, due to the recent decision of the municipal administration which, declared to the Region that the territory is willing to accept the construction of a plant for the valorisation of the waste organic fraction from the separate collection.

The meeting, with the help of experts, was the circumstance for wider discussion on waste management in Italy and Puglia, and on the need to go towards a near-zero waste policy.

Actually that was a public meeting with high participation, a moment to discuss and examine local issues and decisions, but also a moment to ponder on the waste management policies of the Region and on the necessity of its global revision.

In fact, the Region’s facilities for waste treatment always works at their maximum capacity and frequently large amounts of waste have to be transported to other Italian regions, leading to an increase in waste tax for municipalities.

In this regard, national and regional experts in this matter were involved: Giorgio Zampetti, coordinator of Legambiente Scientific Committee; Domenico Giannandrea, Mayor of Putignano; Francesco Tarantini, President of Legambiente Puglia and Beppe Croce, Agriculture Manager of Legambiente; he illustrated to the audience Isaac project and its solutions.

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