On May 25, the Participation Process launched by ISAAC project started with the aim of discussing about biogas and biomethane

May 25, Andria (Puglia Region): Andria’s Participation Process, called “Andria speaks about it“ and promoted by ISAAC project, was instituted with the aim of discussing about biogas and biomethane, in order to offer citizens and stakeholders in the involved territory an opportunity to express an opinion on the topic based on scientific and equilibrated knowledge.

The participation meetings are an opportunity to explain to citizens, local associations and stakeholders the characteristics of biogas/biomethane plants, with its operational details, opportunities and criticality.

The first meeting was hold inside the Cloister of St. Francis at Andria and the project team exposed the first results of a study conducted by telephonic interviews to Andria’s citizens.

The main objective of the participation process organised by ISAAC project is to produce a broadly shared result on the biogas / biomethane and on specific projects that could be launched on the territory. An opportunity that Municipal Administration did not want to miss.

The audience has already had the opportunity, during this first meeting, to discuss about several issues with the presence of regional and national experts including Nicola Giorgino – Mayor of Andria; Beppe Croce – Agriculture Manager of Legambiente- described ISAAC project and introduced the process; Sonia Trampetti – National Research Council, CNR-IRCRES; Michele Lopetuoso – Councilor of the Municipal Environment of Andria; Alessia Maso, Co-ordinator of the Participation Process

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