Educational activities

During the project 7 regions will be involved in the educational activities, foreseen for at least two high school, agricultural and technical institutes

Marche region

ISAAC started its “Educational Tour” last January, involving students from seven Italian regions with educational and demonstrative activities to better understand what biogas and biomethane are, the processes behind the production of this important renewable energy source.

The first date was set in the Marche (Macerata and Ancona), even if prohibitive meteorological conditions made it challenging.

The Istituto Tecnico Agrario di Macerata, and IIS Vanvitelli Stracca Angelini of Ancona were involved, for a total of about 200 students. The activity addressed to students was divided into two parts: initially a two-hour theoretical lecture conducted by Legambiente Marche, covering the climate change and energy challenge, to conclude with a practical module carried out by CNR operators: a prototype biogas plant was used to show the phases of anaerobic digestion of the organic substrate.


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  • 2 Istitutes visited
  • 200 students involved
  • 800 km travelled

Campania region

ISAAC Educational Tour moved to Campania, Castel San Giorgio (“ProfAgri” Agrarian Institute) and Capaccio-Paestum (Agrarian Institute and IIS IPSAR “Piranesi”), for a two-days of teaching and experimenting. In addition to the frontal lessons,

The activities in the administrative district of Salerno involed before the Agrarian Institute “ProfAgri” of Castel San Giorgio, then in the same school in Capaccio, ending in the IIS IPSAR “Piranesi”.


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  • 3 Istitutes visited
  • 100 students involved
  • 500 km travelled

Calabria region

Third stop of the Educational Tour: Calabria, the province of Catanzaro. The project partners responsible for the activities, Legambiente and CNR-IIA, met several students, that were very interested to the lesson, inquiring about the anaerobic digestion process shown by the prototype, the biogas production, the possibility of biomethane upgrade. They were overall fascinated by a world where renewable energies will soon overtake fossil fuels (or at least hopefully!).


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  • 2 Istitutes visited
  • 100 students involved
  • 1000 km travelled

Sicily region

Sicily region was the following set for ISAAC Educational Tour: the province of Ragusa was chosen for its strong agricultural, zootechnical and agro-food vocation.


Four schools involved:

  • Technical Institute Majorana Of Ragusa;
  • Institute For Higher Education “E. Fermi “Of Vittoria;
  • Technical- Agrarian Institute Agrario Of Scicli;
  • Professional Hotel Management School And Agrarian Institute “Principi Grimaldi” Of Modica.

A total of about 500 students participated in the activities organized by Legambiente and the Institute for Atmospheric Pollution of the CNR.


Check the gallery out:

  • 4 Istitutes visited
  • 500 students involved
  • 1800 km travelled

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