Legambiente and CNR-IIA are together in some schools of Salerno and Catanzaro to talk about biogas and biomethane

The Educational Tour of ISAAC project goes on in Campania and Calabria. The partners of the project responsible for the activities, Legambiente and CNR-IIA, met the students in Salerno first and in Catanzaro afterwards, in order to explain the biogas, its production, the anaerobic digestion process, the upgrading to biomethane. All the activities were completed with the visit to the prototype installed on the vehicle of the CNR-IIA equipped to demonstrate how a system works.

Interest and curiosity were the main reactions of the students, fascinated by a world where renewable energies will soon prevail over fossil fuels (or at least we hope so!).

The activities in the province of Salerno took place in the Agricultural Institute “ProfAgri” di Castel San Giorgio first, then in the same Institute of Capaccio, and finally in the Institute IIS IPSAR “Piranesi”.

The vehicle and the trainers moved to Catanzaro, reaching the Agricultural Technical Institutel Vittorio Emanuele II and the ‘ITAS “B. Chimirri”.

Local groups of Legambiente were involved in this exciting tour with CNR-IIA researchers.

In total about two hundred students were involved during those latest steps;

Next stop: SICILY!



Check the pictures:

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