The kick-off meeting of the ISAAC project (Increasing Social Awareness and acceptance of biogas and biomethane), funded by the research and innovation program Horizon 2020 the European Union, with the grant agreement n ° 691875, took place in the presence of all partners on January the 14th.

The project, coordinated by AzzeroCO2, has as main objective the removal of non-technological barriers for the production and use of biogas and biomethane in Italy.  In fact, the penetration of renewable energy sources such as biogas and biomethane in Italy often meets resistors not justified except by fears related to lack of knowledge on biogas and anaerobic digestion. One of the biggest barriers is the social one, connected to the NIMBY syndrome (Not In My Backyard): hundreds of protest groups and committees have been set up all over the country, and in 2013 a national coordination is even born against biogas plants. Often we find lack of transparency at the local level, in decision-making, little involvement and information for citizens, underestimation of the social, environmental and health impacts, doubts on private investment and how these will affect the lives of citizens.


Il progetto si propone di abbattere una per una queste barriere, con una serie di attività:

  • aumentare la conoscenza dei benefici sociali, ambientali ed economici associati alla produzione di biogas e biometano;
  • Aumentare l’accettazione della produzione di bio-carburanti con impianti di digestione anaerobica;
  • Ridurre la distanza tra gli agricoltori e gli altri potenziali stakeholder coinvolti nella costruzione di impianti a biogas;
  • Migliorare la legislazione italiana su biogas/biometano;
  • Diffondere sistemi di finanziamento ad hoc per gli impianti a biogas;
  • Migliorare la governance degli amministratori pubblici locali su progetti riguardanti le bioenergie.

The project aims to break down these barriers one by one, with several activities:

  • Increase awareness of the social, environmental and economic benefits associated with the production of biogas and biomethane;
  • Increase the acceptance of the production of bio-fuels with biogas plants;
  • Reduce distance between farmers and other potential stakeholders involved in the construction of biogas plants;
  • Improve the Italian legislation on biogas / biomethane;
  • Spreading financing systems specifically for biogas plants;
  • Improve governance of local public administrators on projects concerning bioenergy.


Apart of the coordinator Azzero the partners of the project are: Legambiente, the Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research and the Research Institute of Sustainable Economic Growth of CNR, the Green Chemistry Association and the Biogas Italian Consortium (CIB).

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