Participatory Process

Public participation is the possibility for citizens to influence the outcomes of plans and procedures affecting their territory


The main feature of a participatory process is to have no pre-ordered result. Participants are asked to bring their positions, doubts and uncertainties but above all their interest in understanding and listening to the other positions, so that all people involved, with a deeper knowledge, can express an informed judgment about the topics discussed. In our case, this is a consultation process where citizens and stakeholders will be asked to express their positions on biogas / biomethane and on specific projects, assessing pros and cons through a special path with experts and interlocutors.


The main objective of the participation process proposed is the production of a broadly shared result on the biogas / biomethane theme and on local projects, providing participants with the basic knowledge to judge and distinguish a good plant from a plant with no sustainability. Participants will be able to express their thought on the subject without prejudice.

the stages of the process

Preliminary stage (1 to 3 months) 1. Definition of the context 2. Selection of the title and eventual logo 3. Identification of the area involved 4. Interviews with local experts and observers and mapping of stakeholders 5. Development of a presentation document

Initial phase (2 to 4 months) 1. Involvement of stakeholders 2. Sharing objectives and program process with stakeholders 3. Appointment of a Guarantee Body 4. Production and distribution of clear and simple information materials 5. Website with BLOG or Facebook page 6. Dedicated phone line to collect questions from citizenship 7. Appointment of citizen jury

Central phase (2 to 6 months) 1. Three open events with experts and opponents 2. Two technical tables involving the stakeholders. 3. Citizen Jury Meetings 4. Guided tours of existing facilities

Final phase (1 month) 1. Presentation of the results at the end of the process and recommendations made by the jury of citizens, with the request to local institutions to read them at the institutional level 2. Evaluation of the participatory process

Andria Participatory Process

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